Opposing Random Searches: Upholding Libertarian Principles


Matt Johnson
Libertarian Party of Volusia County
(407) 421-3546

Volusia County, FL – [Date: April 9, 2024] – The Libertarian Party of Volusia County strongly opposes the recent policy proposed by the Volusia County School Board, which allows for random searches of individuals at any time. This policy not only violates fundamental principles of individual rights and privacy but also sets a dangerous precedent for the erosion of civil liberties within our community.

As champions of individual freedoms and advocates for limited government overreach, the Libertarian Party of Volusia County stands firmly against any policy that undermines the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Fourth Amendment explicitly protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, ensuring that individuals are shielded from arbitrary intrusion by authorities. Random searches, devoid of probable cause or suspicion, blatantly disregard this constitutional right and represent an affront to the values upon which our nation was founded.

In addition to violating constitutional principles, the implementation of random searches creates an atmosphere of distrust and surveillance within our schools. Students and staff are left feeling constantly monitored and scrutinized, undermining the sense of autonomy necessary for a healthy learning environment and eroding the trust between citizens and the government—a cornerstone of a functioning democratic society.

Furthermore, random searches have been shown to disproportionately impact certain groups, such as minorities and marginalized communities, leading to profiling and discrimination. Such practices not only perpetuate existing inequalities within our society but also undermine efforts to promote fairness and justice for all.

Rather than resorting to intrusive and ineffective measures like random searches, the Libertarian Party of Volusia County urges the Volusia County School Board to explore alternative approaches that prioritize the safety and well-being of students and staff while respecting individual rights and privacy. Measures such as improved mental health support, conflict resolution programs, and community engagement have proven to be more effective in creating a safe and supportive school environment.

The Libertarian Party of Volusia County calls upon the Volusia County School Board to reconsider its decision to implement random searches and instead uphold the principles of individual liberty, privacy, and justice upon which our community is founded.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Matt Johnson at (407) 421-3546 or lpvolusia@gmail.com

Libertarian Party of Volusia County

Matt Johnson, Chair Libertarian Party of Volusia County


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