LP VC Tabling Fundraiser

Greetings fellow Libertarians!

It goes without saying that 2024 is a big year with the presidential election quickly approaching.  This year, the LPVC will be doing our part to get out into the community and talk with our neighbors about liberty and how we can protect individual rights and freedoms.  We will be attending events throughout the county to share knowledge and exchange ideas.  Here’s where we would appreciate your help…

When we attend events, we want to put our best face forward, so to speak, and right now we could use a little facelift.  We want to present a professional and legitimate appearance with updated signage and informational materials that accurately explain the Libertarian Party platform.  Unfortunately, the LPVC has not been financially able to justify this expense, but with brand recognition being as important as it is, we cannot delay this any longer.

We’re asking Volusia Libertarians to help us raise $1,200 to put toward the purchaser of new items like a branded canopy, tablecloth, banner, and finally, branded literature to share at events.  To show our appreciation for your generosity, Libertarians contributing $100 or more will receive an official LPVC t-shirt shipped directly to them!

 Libertarian Party of Volusia County t-shirt

With more than 1,500 Libertarian voters in Volusia County, we have an excellent chance of reaching this goal!  But we don’t have to stop there.  We will be hosting several events this year to better our community like beach and park cleanups, for example.  We are always happy to welcome people who wish to donate a little time to make a positive difference in and around Volusia!  Please be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page for upcoming events!

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