Joe Hannoush becomes first Libertarian U.S. House of Representatives candidate to qualify by petition for the 2022 General Election ballot

Hannoush received 2,673 verified signatures as of May 25th 2022.

Joe Hannoush has become the first Libertarian candidate for U.S. House of Representatives to qualify for the 2022 General Election ballot in Florida.

Hannoush collected 2,673 verified signatures, according to the Florida Department of Elections, 105 more than the 2,568 verified signatures required.

“I’ve talked with literally thousands of voters asking what their top issue is,” Hannoush said in a statement. “Far and away the top response has been ‘everything’. People are tired of the arguing and broken promises from their elected representatives these past decades. They want real solutions!”

Hannoush is running a grassroots campaign.

“If I could have a five or 10 minute conversation on the issues with every voter in the district, I think I could win.”

Hannoush is the son of Iraqi immigrants.

Hannoush filed for Congress on January 28th, 2021, the date of his parent’s wedding anniversary. Hannoush’s parents immigrated to the United States from Iraq before Joe was born to escape a tyrannical government and make a better life for themselves and their family in the Land of Opportunity. “It was import for me to file for U.S. House of Representatives on that date because I want to make laws as such that others have the same opportunity as my parents – who are also small business owners- to peacefully come here and achieve the American Dream.”

Libertarian in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Libertarian candidate Joe Hannoush seeks to be the first Libertarian elected to Congress from Florida. “People ask me, ‘who are you going to caucus with? The Republicans or Democrats?’ I tell them ‘the people!’.” As a self-described ‘constitutional-libertarian,’ Hannoush hopes to adhere to the Oath of Office, which every elected official in the United States of America swears an oath to defend the Constitution. “I believe that’s one thing that is forgotten, that elected representatives of the people are just that; they are there to ensure the rights of the people are protected, not to use government to infringe on those rights.”

Guns & weed.

“Simple possession of ‘anything’ shouldn’t be a crime.” Hannoush says. “We have to stop criminalizing actions without victims. It’s time to repeal laws prohibiting peaceful people from owning firearms and cannabis.”

Hannoush’s top issues are balancing the budget, term limits for members of Congress and ending corporate welfare.

“We have to end government’s role in picking it winners & losers in a free market. That’s not capitalism. That’s cronyism!” Hannoush goes on to state “being an elected representative should be a service, not a career choice.” “And we have to stop spending for our wants today that our children and grandchildren stuck with the bill.”

More information can be found about the Joe Hannoush for Congress campaign at his website

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