LET HER SPEAK: Sign Waving Protest

Saturday, August 8th, 2020 12:00PM
Intersection of Daytona Boulevard and International Speedway Boulevard (ISB) in Daytona Beach.

Join us in a peaceful protest sign waving demanding Dr. Jo Jorgensen be allowed to participate in the 2020 Presidential Debates on the national stage!

Dr. Jo Jorgensen will be included as the Libertarian candidate on most state ballots but, without hearing her values and positions during the debates, voters will not be able to compare her equally to Trump or Biden.

The Commission on Presidential Debates is currently refusing to allow third parties to debate without polling at 15% in polls they conduct. The catch? They don’t ask about third party candidates in those polls!

We’re calling on Libertarian candidates, officials, and passionate people to join us in raising awareness of this critical disservice to the American Voters.

You deserve to hear from each of the candidates.

Demand they #LetHerSpeak

At exactly 12:30 pm EST all the attendees throughout the nation will be going LIVE on social media to tell their friends and family about what we are doing and why. All the videos and photos will be compiled for a short film after the event.

Please join us after this event in Flagler Beach for some fun in the sun!

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