The Libertarian Party of Volusia County Recommends a “NO” vote in the ½ cent Sales Tax Increase Special Mail-in Referendum of May 21, 2019

We are concerned about both the timing and method of this referendum. It is likely that many thousands of voters will accidentally throw the ballots away thinking them to be junk mail. This mail-in referendum is being pushed through as quickly as possible and lessens the opportunity for discussion and debate, impairing voters ability to make a wise choice. We feel that the legitimacy of such a scheme is questionable. And as it will cost We The Taxpayers nearly $500,000, we see no reason it can’t simply be added to next year’s regular primary ballot, other than to reduce voter participation and create a tax windfall for the county government. We also believe that giving the county council this ½ cent increase will disincentivize them from spending our money wisely, or taxing equitably. With the massive tax incentives they have given to large corporations to build here in recent years, should we really be footing the bill for their lack of vision and forethought? We think not, and so we urge your “no” vote.

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