Libertarian Party of Volusia County opposes Hotel Putnam subsidy

May 30, 2017
Deland, FL – The Libertarian Party of Volusia County opposes use of taxpayer funds to       subsidize redevelopment of the Hotel Putnam in Deland.

“This reeks of cronyism at its finest,” said Paul Stanton, Vice Chair of the Volusia County Libertarian Executive Committee. “Voters must oppose this wasteful corporate handout. These types of subsidies have more to do with political connections than    economic realities. Why are we not handing out $500,000 and a 10-year tax break every time someone builds a new apartment complex?,” said Stanton, 2016 Libertarian US Senate candidate. “For a city of Deland’s size, a half million dollars is a massive investment of taxpayer funds. What happens if there are unexpected delays or if the project never fully comes to fruition?”

According to Amy Baker, chief economist for the Office of Economic and Demographic Research, nearly 70 percent of Florida’s state-level incentive and investment programs lost money over the past three years. What’s more, many of these tax dollars will paid by businesses and developers who are in the same industry. Why should they be asked to subsidize a politically-connected competitor when they must play by a different set of rules?

The Libertarian Party of Volusia County believes this is a taxpayer-funded boondoggle waiting to happen for the citizens of Deland. We encourage all city residents to come out and oppose it at the next Deland City Commission meeting, June 5nd,  7pm.

Contact: Paul Stanton

Phone: (386)320-6118



PO Box 94

Barberville, FL 32105

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